Career Ladder Listing of Job Titles

Occupational Grouping | Alphabetical Listing
Job Code Accounting Support Pay Grade
MABA01 Accounting Technician 006
MABA02 Accounting Specialist 008
Agricultural Commodity Inspections
MGAA01 Agricultural Commodity Inspector I 006
MGAA02 Agricultural Commodity Inspector II 008
MGAA03 Agricultural Commodity Inspector III 010
Alcohol and Tobacco Enforcement
MBBA01 Alcohol & Tobacco Enforcement Agent I 007
MBBA02 Alcohol & Tobacco Enforcement Agent II 009
MBBA03 Alcohol & Tobacco Enforcement Agent III 011
Analytical Chemistry
MGBA01 Analytical Chemist I 010
MGBA02 Analytical Chemist II 013
MGBA03 Analytical Chemist III 015
MGBA04 Analytical Chemist IV 017
Application Support
MADA01 Application Programmee 009
MADA02 Application Programmer 011
MADA03 Application Support Specialist 014
MADA04 Senior Application Support Specialist 016
Bank Examiner
MABJ01 Bank Examiner I 010
MABJ02 Bank Examiner II 013
MABJ03 Bank Examiner III 015
MABJ04 Bank Examiner IV 017
Capitol Police Officer
MBBB01 Capitol Police Recruit 007
MBBB02 Capitol Police Officer I 009
MBBB03 Capitol Police Officer II 010
MBBB04 Capitol Police Officer III 011
Child Support
MDDA01 Child Support Specialist I 010
MDDA02 Child Support Specialist II 011
MDDA03 Child Support Specialist III 013
Communications Systems
MFAA01 Communications Systems Technician 008
MFAA02 Communications Systems Specialist 010
MFAA03 Senior Communication Systems Specialist 013
Conservation Technician
MGCA01 Conservation Technician I 005
MGCA02 Conservation Technician II 007
MGCA03 Conservation Technician III 008
MBBE01 Constable I 008
MBBE02 Constable II 009
MAAB01 Corporations Trainee 005
MAAB02 Corporations Assistant 007
MAAB03 Corporations Specialist 010
Correctional Counselor
MDDP01 Correctional Counselor 010
MDDP02 Senior Correctional Counselor 011
MDDP03 Master Correctional Counselor 013
Correctional Officer/Physical Plant Maintenance Trades
MCCH01 Correctional Officer/Physical Plant Maintenance Trades Mechanic I 008
MCCH02 Correctional Officer/Physical Plant Maintenance Trades Mechanic II 009
MCCH03 Correctional Officer/Physical Plant Maintenance Trades Mechanic III 010
Correctional Officer/Trades Instructor
MCCJ01 Correctional Officer/Trades Instructor I 008
MCCJ02 Correctional Officer/Trades Instructor II 009
Correctional Officer/Youth Rehabilitation Food Services
MCBB01 Correctional Officer/Youth Rehab Food Service Specialist I 008
MCBB02 Correctional Officer/Youth Rehab Food Service Specialist II 009
Correctional Records
MAAC01 Correctional Records Technician 007
MAAC04 Correctional Records Senior Technician 009
Court Reporter
MAFE01 Electronic Court Reporter I 007
MAFE04 Electronic Court Reporter II 008
Database Administration
MADD01 Database Administrator I 016
MADD02 Database Administrator II 018
Deputy Fire Marshal
MBBC01 Deputy Fire Marshal I 010
MBBC02 Deputy Fire Marshal II 013
MBBC03 Deputy Fire Marshal III 015
Disability Determination Adjudicator
MDDS01 Disability Determination Adjudicator I 010
MDDS02 Disability Determination Adjudicator II 013
MDDS03 Disability Determination Senior Adjudicator 014
DNREC Enforcement
MBBD01 DNREC Enforcement Trainee 007
MBBD02 DNREC Enforcement Officer I 009
MBBD03 DNREC Enforcement Officer II 010
MBBD04 DNREC Enforcement Officer III 011
Employment Services
MDDB01 Employment Services Specialist I 009
MDDB02 Employment Services Specialist II 011
MDDB03 Employment Services Specialist III 012
MFBC01 Engineer I G11
MFBC02 Engineer II G13
MFBC03 Engineer III G15
MFBC04 Engineer IV G17
Engineering/Planning/Surveying Technician
MFBA01 Engineering/Planning/Surveying Technician I 006
MFBA02 Engineering/Planning/Surveying Technician II 008
MFBA03 Engineering/Planning/Surveying Technician III 010
MFBA04 Engineering/Planning/Surveying Technician IV 013
Environmental Control
MGCC01 Environmental Control Technician I 004
MGCC02 Environmental Control Technician II 007
MGCC03 Environmental Control Technician III 008
Environmental Health Specialist
MDAA01 Environmental Health Specialist I 010
MDAA02 Environmental Health Specialist II 011
Environmental Science
MGBE01 Environmental Scientist I 011
MGBE02 Environmental Scientist II 013
MGBE03 Environmental Scientist III 015
MGBE04 Environmental Scientist IV 017
Epidemiology Series
MDAB01 Epidemiologist I 015
MDAB02 Epidemiologist II 017
Equipment Mechanic
MCCA01 Equipment Mechanic I 006
MCCA02 Equipment Mechanic II 007
MCCA03 Equipment Mechanic III 008
MCCA04 Equipment Mechanic IV 009
Equipment Operator
MCCC01 Equipment Operator I Q04
MCCC02 Equipment Operator II Q06
MCCC03 Equipment Operator III Q08
Family Service Assistant
MDDN01 Family Service Assistant I 007
MDDN02 Family Service Assistant II 008
Family Service Specialist
MDDQ01 Family Service Specialist 010
MDDQ02 Senior Family Service Specialist 011
MDDQ03 Master Family Service Specialist 013
Fire Protection Services
MFCA01 Fire Protection Specialist I 011
MFCA02 Fire Protection Specialist II 013
Fiscal and Policy Analysis
MABH01 Associate Fiscal and Policy Analyst 015
MABH02 Fiscal and Policy Analyst 018
MABH03 Senior Fiscal and Policy Analyst 020
Forensic DNA Analyst
MGBD01 Forensic DNA Analyst F13
MGBD02 Senior Forensic DNA Analyst F15
Forensic Investigator
MBAB01 Forensic Investigator I 011
MBAB02 Forensic Investigator II 013
Gaming Inspection
MBDG01 Gaming Inspector I 008
MBDG02 Gaming Inspector II 010
Graphics and Printing
MCCE01 Graphics & Printing Technician I 005
MCCE02 Graphics & Printing Technician II 006
MCCE03 Graphics & Printing Technician III 008
MCCE04 Graphics & Printing Technician IV 010
Human Resources
MACB01 Human Resources Specialist I 010
MACB02 Human Resources Specialist II 013
MACB03 Human Resources Specialist III 015
Human Resources Technician
MACA01 Human Resources Technician 007
MACA02 Senior Human Resources Technician 009
MGBF01 Hydrologist I H11
MGBF02 Hydrologist II H13
MGBF03 Hydrologist III H15
MGBF04 Hydrologist IV H17
MAAF01 Imaging Operator I 004
MAAF02 Imaging Operator II 006
Information Resources
MEBA01 Information Resources Specialist I 008
MEBA02 Information Resources Specialist II 010
Insurance Financial Analyst
MABK01 Insurance Financial Analyst I 011
MABK02 Insurance Financial Analyst II 015
MABK03 Insurance Financial Analyst III 018
Internal Auditor
MABD01 Internal Auditor I 010
MABD02 Internal Auditor II 012
MABD03 Internal Auditor III 013
Judicial Case Processing/Management
MAFC01 Judicial Case Processor I 006
MAFC02 Judicial Case Processor II 007
MAFC03 Judicial Case Processor III 008
MAFC04 Judicial Case Manager I 009
MAFC05 Judicial Case Manager II 010
Labor Law Enforcement
MDDF01 Labor Law Enforcement Officer I 010
MDDF02 Labor Law Enforcement Officer II 013
Labor Relations & Employment Practices
MACG01 Labor Relations & Employment Practices Specialist 018
MACG02 Senior Labor Relations & Employment Practices Specialist 019
Laboratory Technician
MGBC01 Laboratory Technician I 004
MGBC02 Laboratory Technician II 007
MGBC03 Laboratory Technician III 009
Legislative Analyst
MABZ42 Legislative Analyst 018
MABZ43 Senior Legislative Analyst 021
Library Information Services
MEBC01 Library Associate 011
MEBC02 Senior Librarian 013
Licensed Practical Nursing
MDGA01 Licensed Practical Nurse I 008
MDGA02 Licensed Practical Nurse II 009
MDGA03 Licensed Practical Nurse III 010
Meat Inspection
MGAB01 Meat Inspector I 006
MGAB02 Meat Inspector II 010
MGBG01 Microbiologist I 010
MGBG02 Microbiologist II 013
Motor Vehicle Specialist
MBCB01 Motor Vehicle Specialist I 006
MBCB02 Motor Vehicle Specialist II 007
Motor Vehicle Technician
MBCC01 Motor Vehicle Technician I 006
MBCC02 Motor Vehicle Technician II 007
Nursing Assistant
MDCD01 Nursing Assistant 005
MDCD02 Certified Nursing Assistant 007
MAFD01 Paralegal I 009
MAFD02 Paralegal II 011
Physical Plant Maintenance/Trades
MCCK01 Physical Plant Maintenance/Trades Helper 003
MCCK02 Physical Plant Maintenance/Trades Mechanic I 006
MCCK03 Physical Plant Maintenance/Trades Mechanic II 008
MCCK04 Physical Plant Maintenance/Trades Mechanic III 009
MFEA01 Planner I 011
MFEA02 Planner II 013
MFEA03 Planner III 015
MFEA04 Planner IV 017
Probation and Parole
MBEA01 Probation and Parole Officer I 010
MBEA02 Probation and Parole Officer II 011
MBEA03 Senior Probation and Parole Officer 013
Public Utility Analyst
MABL01 Public Utility Analyst I 011
MABL02 Public Utility Analyst II 015
MABL03 Public Utility Analyst III 018
Registered Nursing
MDGB01 Registered Nurse I 011
MDGB02 Registered Nurse II 013
MDGB03 Registered Nurse III 015
Research Specialist
MFDC01 Research Specialist I 011
MFDC02 Research Specialist II 013
MFDC03 Research Specialist III 017
Right-of-Way Agent
MAEB01 Assistant Right-of-Way Agent 007
MAEB02 Right-of-Way Agent I 009
MAEB03 Right-of-Way Agent II 011
MAEB04 Right-of-Way Agent III 014
Security Officer
MBDH01 DSHS Security Officer 006
MBDH02 DSHS Senior Security Officer 008
Social Service Specialist
MDDO01 Social Service Specialist I 007
MDDO02 Social Service Specialist II 008
MDDO03 Social Service Specialist III 010
State Accountant
MABC01 State Accountant I 010
MABC02 State Accountant II 013
MABC03 State Accountant III 015
State Auditor
MABE01 State Auditor I S11
MABE02 State Auditor II S13
MABE03 State Auditor III S17
State Contract Procurement
MAGC01 State Contract Procurement Officer I 013
MAGC02 State Contract Procurement Officer II 014
Tax Auditor
MABG01 Tax Auditor I 011
MABG02 Tax Auditor II 015
Telecommunication/Network Services
MADF01 Telecommunications/Network Technician I 011
MADF02 Telecommunications/Network Technician II 013
MADF03 Telecommunications/Network Technician III 015
MADF04 Telecommunications/Network Technician IV 016
MADF07 Telecommunications/Network Technologist I 017
MADF08 Telecommunications/Network Technologist II 018
MADF09 Telecommunications/Network Technologist III 019
Therapy Services
MDKA02 Therapist I 011
MDKA03 Therapist II 013
MDKA04 Therapist III 016
Traffic Signal
MFAB01 Intelligent Transportation Systems Technician I 006
MFAB02 Intelligent Transportation Systems Technician II 008
MFAB03 Intelligent Transportation Systems Technician III 010
MFAB04 Intelligent Transportation Systems Technician IV 012
MACC01 Trainer/Educator I 010
MACC02 Trainer/Educator II 013
MACC03 Trainer/Educator III 015
Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor
MDDU01 Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor I 010
MDDU02 Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor II 013
MDDU03 Vocational Rehabilitation Senior Counselor 014
Weights and Measures Compliance
MGAG01 Weights and Measures Inspector I 006
MGAG02 Weights and Measures Inspector II 009
Youth Rehabilitation Counselor
MDDV01 Youth Rehabilitation Counselor I 007
MDDV02 Youth Rehabilitation Counselor II 009