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Job Descriptions

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Class Specifications
RB4001 - Accountant I
RB4002 - Accountant II
RB4003 - Accountant III
RB3010 - Accounting Manager
RO3011 - Accounting Technician I
RO3021 - Accounting Technician I-Confidential
RO3012 - Accounting Technician II
RO3022 - Accounting Technician II-Confidential
RF0132 - Activity Center Cook
RM1155 - Activity Center Program Director
RB6001 - Administrative Assistant I
RB6501 - Administrative Assistant I-Confidential
RB6002 - Administrative Assistant II
RB6502 - Administrative Assistant II-Confidential
RO2050 - Administrative Secretary
RO2051 - Administrative Secretary-Confidential
HB1100 - Administrator -County
RM1151 - Adult Services Division Chief
RA0175 - Ag Bio/StandrdsInspector I
RA0176 - Ag Bio/StandrdsInspector II
RA0177 - Ag Bio/StandrdsInspector III
RS7060 - Aging Programs Coordinator
RA0160 - Agricultural & Standards Technician
TA9238 - Agricultural And Standards Program Aide
RA0200 - Agricultural Biologist Entomologist
RA0151 - Agricultural Biologist I
RA0152 - Agricultural Biologist II
HA1100 - Agricultural Commissioner-Sealer
TA9216 - Agricultural Field & Lab Asst
RA0100 - Agricultural Field & Lab Tech I
RA0101 - Agricultural Field & Lab Tech II
RS4222 - AIDS Case Worker
RS4220 - AIDS Services Liason
RS4225 - AIDS Surveillance Specialist
EB1315 - Airport Deputy Director
EB1305 - Airport Director
RC0505 - Airport Maintenance Worker
RP0520 - Airport Operations Coordinator
RP0500 - Airport Operations Specialist
RP0510 - Airport Operations Supervisor
RP0495 - Airport Operations Worker
TA0708 - Animal Care Assistant
RA0705 - Animal Care Specialist
RP0301 - Animal Services Manager
RB4301 - Appraiser I
RB4302 - Appraiser II
RB4303 - Appraiser III
RB4304 - Appraiser IV
TC9629 - Aquatic Program Director
OB1490 - Assessor/Recorder/County Cler
ES1155 - Assist Director Of Human Srvcs
EA2200 - Assistant Agricultural Commissioner
EB2491 - Assistant Assessor Recorder County Clerk
EB2190 - Assistant Auditor-Controller
EB1225 - Assistant Clerk Of The Board
RH4080 - Assistant Clinical Lab Operations Manager
RB0203 - Assistant Community Relations Coord
RP0600 - Assistant Coordinator Of Emergency Services
HB1120 - Assistant County Administrator
HL1110 - Assistant County Counsel
EL2400 - Assistant County Probation Officer
RE3002 - Assistant County Surveyor
RM1050 - Assistant Deputy Chief Probation Officer
EA2300 - Assistant Director - Environmental Health
EC1205 - Assistant Director General Svc
HH1105 - Assistant Director Health Care Services
EL2300 - Assistant Director Of Child Support Services
RM1145 - Assistant Dir-Mary Graham CS
EL2390 - Assistant District Attorney
RC1013 - Assistant Facilities Manager- Health Care Services
ES2203 - Assistant Health Officer
RF0302 - Assistant Manager Of Housekeeping Services
RM0204 - Assistant Manager Of Patient Financial Services
RH0130 - Assistant Medical Records Admin
RM0215 - Assistant Mgr Of Admitting
RE2001 - Assistant Planner
EL2200 - Assistant Public Defender
RE5001 - Assistant Real Property Agent
EB2500 - Assistant Registrar Of Voters
EB2840 - Assistant Retirement Administrator
EP2590 - Assistant Sheriff-Coroner
EB2690 - Assistant Treasurer-Tax Collector
RI4201 - Associate Geographic Information Systems Analyst
RE2002 - Associate Planner
RE5002 - Associate Real Property Agent
EL2393 - Asst Chief District Attorney Investigator
EE1105 - Asst Dir Of Comm Development
EH4085 - Asst Dir Of Pub Hlth Lab Svcs
TS9211 - Asst Musical Director
TS9212 - Asst Technical Director
RH6490 - Audiologist
OB1190 - Auditor/Controller
RB4201 - Auditor-Appraiser I
RB4202 - Auditor-Appraiser II
RB4203 - Auditor-Appraiser III
RB4204 - Auditor-Appraiser IV
RC1001 - Automotive Maintenance Foreman
RC3000 - Automotive Mechanic
RC3005 - Automotive Mechanic Apprentice
RP0120 - Background Investigator
TP0120 - Background Investigator
RF0130 - Baker
ES2302 - Behavioral Health Officer
RS1030 - Benefits Couselor HIV AIDS
RS0110 - Benefits Systems Specialist
RS0111 - Benefits Systems Supervisor
RH0751 - Biomedical Equipment Technician I
RH0752 - Biomedical Equipment Technician II
RH0753 - Biomedical Equipment Technician III
OB1290 - Board Of Supervisors
EB4295 - Board Of Supervisors' Legislative Assistant
EB4292 - Board Secretary
TS9202 - Breastfeeding Counselor
RC1006 - Bridge Maintenance Foreman
RC0502 - Bridge Maintenance Worker
RC1503 - Bridge Tender
RC0101 - Building Inspector I
RC0102 - Building Inspector II
RB6204 - Business Analyst I
RB6205 - Business Analyst II
RB0600 - Business Loan Officer
RE0201 - Cadastral Technician I
RE0202 - Cadastral Technician II
RS0200 - Case Manager
RS0201 - Case Manager Supervisor
RO3000 - Cashier Clerk
RC4000 - Central Plant Engineer
RM1020 - Central Services Administrator
RM1025 - Central Services Manager
OB1291 - Chairman Board Of Supervisors
RM0335 - Channel Maintenance Superintendent
RB6120 - Charge Description Master Analyst
RE0204 - Chief Cadastral Technician
RS3044 - Chief Clinical Social Worker
EB2700 - Chief Deputy - Revenue & Recovery
RM0200 - Chief Deputy Auditor Controller
EB1221 - Chief Deputy Clerk Ofthe Board
EB2200 - Chief Deputy County Administrator
EL2100 - Chief Deputy County Counsel
HS2000 - Chief Deputy Director - Behavioral Health Services
EC2100 - Chief Deputy Director - Public Works
EE2100 - Chief Deputy Director Development Services
EH2200 - Chief Deputy Director-Public Health Services
EL2391 - Chief Deputy District Attorney
RM0245 - Chief Deputy Public Administrator
EL2201 - Chief Deputy Public Defender
RS2033 - Chief Deputy Public Guardian
EB2691 - Chief Deputy Treasurer
EL2392 - Chief District Attorney Investigator
EI2100 - Chief Information Officer-HCS
EH8000 - Chief Medical Officer
RS2014 - Chief Mental Health Clinician
RH4095 - Chief Of Public Health Laboratory Services
RH2505 - Chief Psychiatric Technician
RL3033 - Chief Public Defender Investigator
MH7450 - Chief Res Dept Medicine
MH7456 - Chief Res Dept Surgery
MH7453 - Chief Res DeptFamily Prac-Ped
MH7452 - Chief Resident- Internal Medic
TS9259 - Child Care Aide
RL2081 - Child Protective Services Counsel I
RL2082 - Child Protective Services Counsel II
RL2083 - Child Protective Services Counsel III
RL2084 - Child Protective Services Counsel IV
RL2001 - Child Support Attorney I
RL2002 - Child Support Attorney II
RL2003 - Child Support Attorney III
RL2004 - Child Support Attorney IV
RL1021 - Child Support Compliance Analyst
RL1050 - Child Support Customer Service Manager
RL1001 - Child Support Officer I
RL1002 - Child Support Officer II
RL1003 - Child Support Officer III
RL1055 - Child Support Program Manager
RL1010 - Child Support Supervisor
RM0800 - Child Welfare Division Chief
ES1500 - Children & Families Program Coordinator
RM0810 - Childrens Medical Services Manager
RL3050 - Civil Process Server
RP4002 - Civilian Crime Prevention Coordinator
EB1220 - Clerk Of The Board
RO6600 - Clerk Stnographer II
RM0203 - Clinic Services Coordinator
RH8001 - Clinical Dietitian I
RH8002 - Clinical Dietitian II
RH0175 - Clinical Education Coordinator
RH4001 - Clinical Laboratory Technologist I
RH4002 - Clinical Laboratory Technologist II
RH4003 - Clinical Laboratory Technologist III
RH4051 - Clinical Microbiologist I
RH4052 - Clinical Microbiologist II
RH1150 - Clinical Nurse Specialist
RH7201 - Clinical Psychologist I
RH7202 - Clinical Psychologist II
RS3041 - Clinical Social Worker I
RS3042 - Clinical Social Worker II
RS3043 - Clinical Social Worker III
RE4001 - Code Enforcement Officer I
RE4002 - Code Enforcement Officer II
RO4601 - Collections Clerk I
RO4602 - Collections Clerk II
RO1100 - Collections Supervisor
RS4110 - Communicable Disease Investgr
TS9269 - Communicable Disease Investigator Trainer
RP0101 - Communications Dispatcher I
RP0102 - Communications Dispatcher II
RP0103 - Communications Dispatcher III
RP0104 - Communications Dispatcher IV
RP0105 - Communications Dispatcher Manager
RE0305 - Community Development Counter Manager
RS4302 - Community Health Outreach Worker
RS4301 - Community Health Outreach Worker Trainee
RS7010 - Community Recreation Coordinator
RS7080 - Community Services Pgm Supervisor
RM1150 - Community Services Program Manager
TS9225 - Community Services Program Worker
RS7015 - Community Social Services Assistant
RS7020 - Community Social Services Director
CC9720 - Construction Project Assistan
RB0520 - Contract Administrator
CC1200 - Contract Director General Srvc
CH9622 - ContractHCS401
CH9621 - ContractorHCSPhysicianMngmt
CH9623 - ContractPhysican_unrepresented
CH9603 - ContractrHCSPhysicianNO401
RB6210 - Contracts Analyst
RB6211 - Contracts Supervisor
TO9269 - Coop Ext-Office Syst Asst
RP3010 - Correctional Captain
RP3003 - Correctional Lieutenant
RP3001 - Correctional Officer
RP3000 - Correctional Officer Trainee
RP3002 - Correctional Sergeant
HL1100 - County Counsel
HP1400 - County Probation Officer
RM0252 - County Safety & Risk Manager
TC9224 - Crafts Worker Assistant
RC0401 - Crafts Worker I
RC0402 - Crafts Worker II
RC0403 - Crafts Worker III
RC0404 - Crafts Worker IV
RO4130 - Credentialing Specialist
RP4001 - Crime Analyst
CS9600 - Crossroads Case Manager
RP0710 - Custody Recreation Assistant
RP0705 - Custody Recreation Supervisor
RH5900 - Darkroom Technician
TO6301 - Data Entry Operator I
RI0202 - Data Technician II
RH6820 - Day Treatment Program Director
RC1500 - Delivery Driver
RH3102 - Dental Aide II
RH3101 - Dental Aide I
RH3100 - Dental Assistant
RI1201 - Department Applications Analyst I
RI1202 - Department Applications Analyst II
RI1203 - Department Applications Analyst III
RI1204 - Department Applications Analyst IV
RI1101 - Department Information Systems Analyst I
RI1102 - Department Information Systems Analyst II
RI1103 - Department Information Systems Analyst III
RI1104 - Department Information Systems Analyst IV
RI1011 - Department Information Systems Manager
RI1301 - Department Information Systems Specialist I
RI1302 - Department Information Systems Specialist II
RI1303 - Department Information Systems Specialist III
RI1401 - Department Information Systems Technician I
RI1402 - Department Information Systems Technician II
RO6120 - Department Payroll Specialist
RB5500 - Departmental Personnel Analyst
RM0120 - Deputy Agricultural Commissioner
RB4101 - Deputy Auditor-Controller I
RB4102 - Deputy Auditor-Controller II
RB4103 - Deputy Auditor-Controller III
RP2005 - Deputy Chief Probation Officer
EB4202 - Deputy Clerk Of The Board I
EB4201 - Deputy Clerk Of The Board II
RM0260 - Deputy County Administrator
RL2051 - Deputy County Counsel I
RL2052 - Deputy County Counsel II
RL2053 - Deputy County Counsel III
RL2054 - Deputy County Counsel IV
RE3003 - Deputy County Surveyor
ES2310 - Deputy Dir-BHS-Administrative
ES2312 - Deputy Dir-BHS-Clinical
EC2150 - Deputy Director - Building Inspection
EC2101 - Deputy Director - Public Works
EB1960 - Deputy Director - Purchasing & Support Services
EB1500 - Deputy Director - ROV
EH2106 - Deputy Director II-San Joaquin General Hospital
EH2107 - Deputy Director I-San Joaquin General Hospital
EB2100 - Deputy Director Of HSA
EB2600 - Deputy Director Of Human Resources
EE2101 - Deputy Director Of Planning
EB2156 - Deputy Director Veterans Services
ES2260 - Deputy Director-Employment & Training
ES2201 - Deputy Director-Public Health Services
EC2111 - Deputy Director-Public Works_
EH2105 - Deputy Director-SJGH Nursing
EE2110 - Deputy Dir-Programs And Administration
RL2011 - Deputy District Attorney I
CL2011 - Deputy District Attorney I-Contract
RL2012 - Deputy District Attorney II
RL2013 - Deputy District Attorney III
RL2014 - Deputy District Attorney IV
EH2100 - Deputy Finance Director-HCS
RM0240 - Deputy Public Administrator I
RM0241 - Deputy Public Administrator II
RL2031 - Deputy Public Defender I
RL2032 - Deputy Public Defender II
RL2033 - Deputy Public Defender III
RL2034 - Deputy Public Defender IV
RS2031 - Deputy Public Guardian I
RS2032 - Deputy Public Guardian II
RB0510 - Deputy Purchasing Agent
RM0110 - Deputy Sealer Of Weights & Measures
RP1001 - Deputy Sheriff I
RP1002 - Deputy Sheriff I - Academy Certified
RP1003 - Deputy Sheriff II
RP1000 - Deputy Sheriff Trainee
RE0301 - Development Services Senior Technician
RE0300 - Development Services Technician
RH2060 - Dialysis Patient Care Technician
TH8000 - Dietitian Trainee
EH4090 - Dir Of Public Health Lab Svcs
RM0650 - Director - Medical Social Service
EB1805 - Director- Emergency Operations
HS1250 - Director Employment & Economic Development
HH1100 - Director Health Care Services
HL1300 - Director Of Child Support Services
RH8005 - Director Of Clinical Dietetics
HE1100 - Director Of Community Development
HA1200 - Director Of Environmental Health
HC1200 - Director Of General Services
HB1600 - Director Of Human Resources
HS1150 - Director Of Human Services
HB1710 - Director Of Labor Relations
HC1250 - Director Of Parks & Recreation
HC1100 - Director Of Public Works
HB1950 - Director Of Purchasing & Support Services
ES2150 - Director-Mary Graham Children Shelter
RB5304 - Disability Management Coordinator
RB5301 - Disability Management Specialist I
RB5302 - Disability Management Specialist II
OL1390 - District Attorney
RL3011 - District Attorney Investigative Assistant I
RL3012 - District Attorney Investigative Assistant II
RL3021 - District Attorney Investigator I
RL3022 - District Attorney Investigator II
RL3023 - District Attorney Investigator III
RL3000 - District Attorney Investigator Trainee
RM0345 - District Maintenance & Construction Superintendent
RH5010 - Echocardiographic Technician
TH5010 - Echocardiographic Technician Trainee
RA0720 - Education & Interpretive Services Coordinator
RM1173 - EEDD Administrative Services Manager
RB6301 - EEDD Analyst I
RB6302 - EEDD Analyst II
RB6303 - EEDD Analyst III
RB0610 - EEDD Business Loan Manager
RB0615 - EEDD Business Retention Expansion Specialist
RM1171 - EEDD Division Manager
ES2255 - EEDD Economic Development Director
RS5511 - EEDD Employment Services Specialist I
RS5512 - EEDD Employment Services Specialist II
RM1175 - EEDD Enterprise Zone Manager
RC2015 - EEDD Facilities Coordinator
RS5501 - EEDD Intake And Referral Specialist I
RS5502 - EEDD Intake And Referral Specialist II
RB0201 - EEDD Marketing Coordinator
TS9240 - EEDD Program Assistant
RB5601 - EEO Analyst I
RB5602 - EEO Analyst II
RM0251 - EEO Program Manager
RO4725 - Elections Manager
RO4715 - Elections Specialist
RO4711 - Elections Technician
TB9250 - Elections Technician Asst
RO4720 - Elections Technician Supervisor
RO4710 - Elections Technician Trainee
RC0410 - Electrician
RS0105 - Eligibility Supervisor
RS0101 - Eligibility Worker I
RS0102 - Eligibility Worker II
RS0103 - Eligibility Worker III
EH2120 - Emergency Medical Services Administrator
RH0222 - Emergency Medical Services Analyst
RH0223 - Emergency Medical Services Specialist
RP0602 - Emergency Planner
CP0602 - Emergency Planner_Contract
RM0250 - Employee Benefits Manager
RB5400 - Employee Relations Analyst I
RB5401 - Employee Relations Analyst II
RB5402 - Employee Relations Analyst III
RS5001 - Employment Training Specialist I
RS5002 - Employment Training Specialist II
RS5003 - Employment Training Supervisor
RH0224 - EMS Trauma Coordinator
RE1420 - Energy Manager
RE1400 - Energy Program Specialist
RE1001 - Engineer I
RE1002 - Engineer II
RE1003 - Engineer III
RE1004 - Engineer IV
RE1005 - Engineer V
RE0100 - Engineering Aide
RE0111 - Engineering Assistant I
RE0112 - Engineering Assistant II
RE0113 - Engineering Assistant III
RE1301 - Engineering Geologist
RB6601 - Engineering Program Manager
EC2165 - Engineering Services Manager
RE1425 - Environmental Coordinator
RA0300 - Environmental Health Assistant
RM0610 - Environmental Health Program Coordinator
RA0600 - Environmental Health Specialist
RA0601 - Environmental Health Specialist Trainee
RB6900 - Epidemiologist
RC1002 - Equipment Maintenance Foreman
RC1005 - Equipment Operator Foreman
RC0651 - Equipment Operator I
RC0652 - Equipment Operator II
RC2025 - Equipment Parts Room Supervisor
RC0601 - Equipment Service Worker I
RC0602 - Equipment Service Worker II
RC0603 - Equipment Service Worker III
RP4000 - Evidence Custodian
RP4011 - Evidence Technician I
RP4012 - Evidence Technician II
RP4013 - Evidence Technician III
RO2060 - Executive Secretary
RO2061 - Executive Secretary-Confidential
RO1210 - Exemptions Supervisor
9290 - Extra Help U Per Hour
9300 - Extra Help_ Aging Dept
TH9299 - Extra Help-Hospital
TH9297 - Extra Help-Hospital Mgt
EC2201 - Facilities & Construction Planner
RM0350 - Facilities Manager-HCS
RS0220 - Family Crimes Coordinator
RP6030 - Fire Services Coordinator
RC1016 - Fleet Manager
RC2024 - Fleet Parts Specialist
RC2023 - Fleet Parts Specialist Trainee
RF0110 - Food Service Assistant Director
RF0105 - Food Service Supervisor
RF0101 - Food Service Worker I
RF0102 - Food Service Worker II
RF0103 - Food Service Worker III
RC1551 - Garage Attendant
RI4006 - Geographic Information Systems Program Manager
RI4101 - Geographic Information Systems Specialist I
RI4102 - Geographic Information Systems Specialist II
RP6011 - Hazardous Material Specialist I
RP6012 - Hazardous Material Specialist II
RP6013 - Hazardous Material Specialist Supervisor
CH9618 - HCP Pharmacy Resident
EH2110 - HCS Compliance Officer
TC9263 - Head Lifeguard
RS8100 - Head Start Grantee Director
RO2040 - Health Care Secretary-Confidential
TH9219 - Health Care Support Servs Aid
RH0131 - Health Information Administrator
TC9271 - Healthcare Grounds Aide
RC3007 - Heavy Equip Mechanic Apprentice
RC3001 - Heavy Equipment Mechanic
RC0501 - Highway Maintenance Worker
RH0705 - Hospital Attendant
EH3101 - Hospital Chief Exec Officer
EH3102 - Hospital Chief Financial Offcr
EH3103 - Hospital Chief Nursing Officer
RC2070 - Hospital Materials Manager
RH4330 - Hospital Pharmacy Manager
RH0201 - Hospital Unit Clerk
RC0740 - Household Hazardous Waste Operations Coordinator
RF0300 - Housekeeping Service Worker
RC0201 - Housing Rehabilitation Specialist I
RC0202 - Housing Rehabilitation Specialist II
RS7070 - HSA Program Coordinator
RS0121 - HSA Program Supervisor I
RS0122 - HSA Program Supervisor II
RB6201 - HSA Staff Analyst I
RB6202 - HSA Staff Analyst II
RH1235 - Infection Control Coordinator
RI1001 - Information Systems Analyst I
RI1002 - Information Systems Analyst II
RI1003 - Information Systems Analyst III
RI1503 - Information Systems Analyst III-Confidential
RI1004 - Information Systems Analyst IV
RI1504 - Information Systems Analyst IV-Confidential
RI1005 - Information Systems Analyst V
RI1505 - Information Systems Analyst V-Confidential
RI1510 - Information Systems Analyst V-Security Officer
EI2400 - Information Systems Assistant Director
HI1400 - Information Systems Director
RI1010 - Information Systems Manager-Confidential
RI1601 - Information Systems Operations Manager-SJGH
RI1020 - Information Systems Operations Shift Supervisor
RI1321 - Information Systems Specialist I
RI1322 - Information Systems Specialist II
RI1323 - Information Systems Specialist III
RI0101 - Information Systems Technician I
RI0102 - Information Systems Technician II
RI0103 - Information Systems Technician III
RP0700 - Inmate Case Worker
RP0701 - Inmate Programs And Services Director
RS2060 - Instructional Assistant
RS2061 - Instructor I
RS2062 - Instructor II
EC2160 - Integrated Waste Manager
SH7615 - Intern
RP0742 - Jail Industries Program Manager Auto Body Painting
RP0735 - Jail Industries Program Manager Upholstery
RP0736 - Jail Industries Program Specialist Auto Painting
RP0750 - Jail Librarian
RB6000 - Junior Administrative Assistant
RP2515 - Juvenile Detention Facility Supervisor
RP2506 - Juvenile Detention Officer
RP2505 - Juvenile Detention Officer Assistant
RP2510 - Juvenile Detention Unit Supervisor
RP0730 - Labor Crew Leader
RH4901 - Laboratory Assistant I
RH4902 - Laboratory Assistant II
RH4903 - Laboratory Assistant Supervisor
RS9215 - Lactation Specialist
TS9215 - Lactation Specialist
RF0201 - Laundry Worker
RL0201 - Law Clerk
RF0301 - Lead Housekeeper
RF0203 - Lead Laundry Worker
RO5502 - Lead Mail Clerk
RH0301 - Lead Patient Services Representative
RA0604 - Lead Senior Registered Environmental Health Specialist
RC1502 - Lead Transportation Worker
RL0210 - Legal Assistant
RO5020 - Legal Documents Clerk
RO5000 - Legal Stenographer
RL0301 - Legal Technician I
TL9100 - Legal Technician I
RL0401 - Legal Technician I-Confidential
RL0302 - Legal Technician II
RL0402 - Legal Technician II-Confidential
RE3001 - Licensed Land Surveyor
RH2001 - Licensed Vocational Nurse
RP1020 - Lieutenant
TC9248 - Lifeguard I
TC9249 - Lifeguard II
RL2071 - Litigation Counsel I
RL2072 - Litigation Counsel II
RL2073 - Litigation Counsel III
RL2074 - Litigation Counsel IV
RO5501 - Mail Clerk
RM0330 - Maintenance Superintendent
RC0500 - Maintenance Worker
RB6511 - Management Analyst I
RB6104 - Management Analyst I-Confidential
RB6512 - Management Analyst II
RB6105 - Management Analyst II-Confidential
RM0226 - Management Analyst III
RM0228 - Management Analyst III-Confidential
RO2010 - Management Secretary I
RO2011 - Management Secretary II
RM0224 - Management Services Administrator
RM0225 - Management Services Administrator-Confidential
RH0320 - Manager Of Admissions & Utilization Review
RH5200 - Manager Of Diagnostic Imaging
RF0204 - Manager Of Laundry Services
RH5360 - Manager Of Respiratory Care
RM0860 - Manager Of Sterile Processing & Distribution Services
RM0205 - Manager Patient Financial Services
RS1100 - Mary Graham Children's Shelter Trainer
RO4212 - Medical Coder-Certified
RH0120 - Medical Librarian
RO4201 - Medical Records Technician I
RO4202 - Medical Records Technician II
RO4203 - Medical Records Technician III
RH0100 - Medical Staff Coordinator
RH4930 - Medical Technician
RO4101 - Medical Transcriber I
RO4100 - Medical Transcriber Trainee
RO4102 - Medical Transriber II
RH1505 - Mental Health Charge Nurse
RS2011 - Mental Health Clinician I
RS2012 - Mental Health Clinician II
RS2013 - Mental Health Clinician III
RS2053 - Mental Health Consumer Outreach Coordinator
RS2035 - Mental Health Court Liaison
RS2021 - Mental Health Interpreter I
RS2022 - Mental Health Interpreter II
RS2051 - Mental Health Outreach Worker
RS2050 - Mental Health Outreach Worker Trainee
RB6800 - Mental Health Performance Outcome Analyst
RS2055 - Mental Health Rehabilitation Specialist
RM1130 - Mental Health Services Facility Manager
RS2001 - Mental Health Specialist I
RS2002 - Mental Health Specialist II
RS2003 - Mental Health Specialist III
RB6515 - Mental Health Support Services Coordinator
RC1565 - Motor Pool Specialist
RH1901 - MSSP Health Practitioner I
RH1902 - MSSP Health Practitioner II
RA0715 - Nature Center Coordinator
RH5101 - Nuclear Medicine Specialist I
RH5102 - Nuclear Medicine Specialist II
RH5103 - Nuclear Medicine Specialist III
RH1170 - Nurse Midwife
RH1165 - Nurse Practitioner I-Ambulatory
RH1166 - Nurse Practitioner II-Ambulatory
RH1162 - Nurse Practitioner II-Inpatient
RH1161 - Nurse Practitioner I-Inpatient
RH3001 - Nursing Assistant
RH3000 - Nursing Assistant Trainee
RH1300 - Nursing Department Manager
RH6002 - Occupational Therapist
RH6000 - Occupational Therapist Assistant
RH6005 - Occupational Therapist IV-Asst Dept Mgr
TH6001 - Occupational Therapist Limited Permit
RH6004 - Occupational Therapist-Clinical Spec
RH6003 - Occupational Therapist-Senior
TI9243 - OES-ICS Specialist
TP9241 - OES-SecChief
TP9242 - OES-Unit Leader
RO6105 - Office Assistant
RO6115 - Office Assistant Specialist
RO6116 - Office Assistant Specialist-Confidential
RO6106 - Office Assistant-Confidential
EO6106 - Office Assistant-Exempt
RC4001 - Office Building Engineer
EB7300 - Office Occupations Clerk
RO2000 - Office Secretary
RO2001 - Office Secretary-Confidential
RO1000 - Office Supervisor
RI0110 - Office Systems Specialist
RO6700 - Office Technician Coordinator
RO6701 - Office Technician Coordinator-Confidential
TO6101 - Office Worker I
TO6102 - Office Worker II
RS7045 - Ombudsman Coordinator
RH3030 - Operating Room Technician I
RH3031 - Operating Room Technician II
RH3040 - Orthopedic Technician
RH3200 - Outpatient Clinic Assistant
RL0101 - Paralegal I
CL0101 - Paralegal I -Contract
RL0102 - Paralegal II
RL0105 - Paralegal II - Confidential
RC3003 - Park Equipment Mechanic
TC9228 - Park Fee Collector
RC0805 - Park Fee Coordinator
TC9227 - Park Maintenance Aide
RC0803 - Park Maintenance Supervisor
RE2005 - Park Planning & Development Coordinator
RC0802 - Park Specialist
RC0800 - Park Worker
RC1550 - Parking Attendant
EC2202 - Parks Administrator
RM0100 - Parks Marketing & Promotion Specialist
RO1010 - Patient Financial Services Supervisor
RH0200 - Patient Registration Clerk
RH0300 - Patient Services Representative
RH0150 - Patients' Rights Advocate
RB4400 - Payroll Administrator
RS0301 - Perinatal Child Care Aide
RS0302 - Perinatal Child Care Worker
EH2115 - Perioperative Srvcs Director
RB5101 - Personnel Analyst I
RB5102 - Personnel Analyst II
RB5103 - Personnel Analyst III
RB5002 - Personnel Technician
RC0571 - Pest Abatement Operator I
RC0572 - Pest Abatement Operator II
RH4410 - Pharmaceutical Inventory Technician
RH4355 - Pharmacist
RH4350 - Pharmacist - Clinical
RH4354 - Pharmacist Trainee
TH9218 - Pharmacy Intern
RH4325 - Pharmacy Manager
RH4331 - Pharmacy Supervisor
RH4451 - Pharmacy Technician I
RH4452 - Pharmacy Technician II
RH4453 - Pharmacy Technician III
RH4454 - Pharmacy Technician III-Supervisor
RH6202 - Physical Therapist
RH6200 - Physical Therapist Assistant
RH6205 - Physical Therapist IV-Assistant Dept Mgr
RH6204 - Physical Therapist-Clinical Specialist
TH6201 - Physical Therapist-Lic Applt
RH6203 - Physical Therapist-Senior
EH8002 - Physician
RH1201 - Physician Assistant I
RH1202 - Physician Assistant II
EH8001 - Physician Manager
RE1100 - Plan Check Engineer I
RE1101 - Plan Check Engineer II
TC9262 - Pool Manager
RB5005 - Position Control Coordinator
RB5001 - Position Control Technician
RH0160 - Pre-Hospital Care Coordinator
RL0505 - Pre-Trial Program Specialist
RL0510 - Pre-Trial Senior Program Specialist
RB4306 - Principal Appraiser
RB4205 - Principal Auditor-Appraiser
RM0227 - Principal Business Analyst
RB5403 - Principal Employee Relations Analyst
RI4203 - Principal Geographic Information Systems Analyst
RB5110 - Principal Personnel Analyst
RE2003 - Principal Planner
TP2000 - Probation Assistant
RP2001 - Probation Officer I
RP2002 - Probation Officer II
RP2003 - Probation Officer III
RP2004 - Probation Unit Supervisor
RM1180 - Program Coordinator - Adolescent Programs
RM1182 - Program Coordinator - AIDS
RM0620 - Program Coordinator - Clinical Services
RM1181 - Program Coordinator - Public Health Education
RS7105 - Program Coordinator-WIC
RM1153 - Program Manager
RH1820 - Program Manager-Public Health Nursing
RS2070 - Program Specialist - Develop Disabled
RO4451 - Property Technician
RO4460 - Property Technician Supervisor
RS3011 - Protective Services Social Worker I
RS3012 - Protective Services Social Worker II
RS3013 - Protective Services Social Worker III
RH7800 - Psychiatric Rehab Therapy Assistant
RH2501 - Psychiatric Technician
EH8003 - Psychiatrist
HL1200 - Public Defender
RL3030 - Public Defender Investigator Asst
RL3031 - Public Defender Investigator I
RL3032 - Public Defender Investigator II
EB3300 - Public Guardian-Conservator
RS4011 - Public Health Education Assistant I
RS4012 - Public Health Education Assistant II
RS4001 - Public Health Education Associate I
RS4002 - Public Health Education Associate II
RS4101 - Public Health Educator
RP0610 - Public Health Emergency Preparedness Coordinator
RH4960 - Public Health Laboratory Technician I
RH4961 - Public Health Laboratory Technician II
TH4201 - Public Health Microbiologist
RH4211 - Public Health Microbiologist I
RH4200 - Public Health Microbiologist Trainee
RH4212 - Public Health Microbiologst II
RH1811 - Public Health Nurse I
RH1812 - Public Health Nurse II
RH8501 - Public Health Nutritionist
RH8500 - Public Health Nutritionist Trainee
ES2202 - Public Health Officer
EC2102 - Public Works Business Administrator
RC1000 - Public Works Maintenance Manager
RO1050 - Public Works Records Supervisor
RB0500 - Purchasing Assistant
RO4900 - Purchasing Technician
RH1240 - Quality Improvement Coordinator
RO5300 - Radio Communications Clerk
RO4800 - Radio Communications Specialist
RH5004 - Radiologic Tech III-Special Procedures
RH5185 - Radiologic Technologist Educational Coordinator
RH5001 - Radiologic Technologist I
RH5002 - Radiologic Technologist II
RH5003 - Radiologic Technologist III-Mammography
RH5180 - Radiologic Technologist Instructor
RO4400 - Recordable Documents Examiner
RO4405 - Recordable Documents Indexer
RM0910 - Recorder-County Clerk Operations Manager
RO4450 - Recorder-County Clerk Operations Supervisor
RB0701 - Records Management Technician I
RB0710 - Records Supervisor
RB5201 - Recruitment & Staff Development Coordinator
RH0221 - Regional Disaster Medical Health Specialist
RA0500 - Registered Dairy Inspector
RA0602 - Registered Environmental Health Specialist
RH1800 - Registered Nurse
TH9254 - Registry Nurse V
RH6601 - Rehabilitation Therapist I
RH6602 - Rehabilitation Therapist II
RH2075 - Renal Dialysis Procedures Technician
RM0206 - Residency Training Program Mgr
RO1140 - ResidencyTrng Program Tech I
RO1141 - ResidencyTrng Program Tech II
MH7428 - Resident Physician 1ST YEAR
MH7426 - Resident Physician 2nd Yr
MH7424 - Resident Physician 3rd Yr
MH7420 - Resident Physician 4th Yr
TH5350 - Respiratory Care Practitioner Applicant
RH5351 - Respiratory Care Practitioner I
RH5353 - Respiratory Care Practitioner II
RH5352 - Respiratory Care Practitioner Supervisor
HB1850 - Retirement Administrator
RB0820 - Retirement Financial Officer
RB0830 - Retirement Investment Accountant
EB2860 - Retirement Investment Officer
RO4505 - Retirement Payroll Technician
RB0805 - Retirement Services Associate
RB0810 - Retirement Services Officer
RO4515 - Retirement Services Technician
RP0745 - Revitalization & Abatement Program Coordinator
RB5310 - Safety Officer
RP0405 - Security Manager
RP0401 - Security Officer I
RP0402 - Security Officer II
RP0400 - Security Worker
RO1500 - Senior Administrative Supervisor
RA0153 - Senior Agricultural Biologist
RA0201 - Senior Agricultural Biologist Entomologist
RA0710 - Senior Animal Care Specialist
RC0103 - Senior Building Inspector
RE0203 - Senior Cadastral Technician
RE4003 - Senior Code Enforcement Officer
RO4603 - Senior Collections Clerk
EM0261 - Senior Deputy County Administrator
ES2300 - Senior Deputy Director-Behavioral Health Services
ES2200 - Senior Deputy Director-Public Health Services
EH2104 - Senior Deputy Director-SJGH Clinical
RP0604 - Senior Emergency Planner
RE0101 - Senior Engineering Aide
RI4202 - Senior Geographic Information Systems Analyst
RC0203 - Senior Housing Rehabilitation Specialist
RS7090 - Senior Information & Assistance Specialist
RO5001 - Senior Legal Stenographer
RL0303 - Senior Legal Technician
RH2002 - Senior Licensed Vocational Nurse
RH1163 - Senior Nurse Practitioner
RH1167 - Senior Nurse Practitioner - Ambulatory
RO6110 - Senior Office Assistant
RO6111 - Senior Office Assistant-Confidential
EO6112 - Senior Office Assistant-Exempt
RH3032 - Senior Operating Room Technician
RC0801 - Senior Park Worker
RH1203 - Senior Physician Assistant
RE1102 - Senior Plan Check Engineer
RE2004 - Senior Planner
RH2502 - Senior Psychiatric Technician
RH4203 - Senior Public Health Microbiologist
RH1813 - Senior Public Health Nurse
RH8502 - Senior Public Health Nutritionist
RO4401 - Senior Recordable Documents Examiner
RA0501 - Senior Registered Dairy Inspector
RA0603 - Senior Registered Environmental Health Specialist
RS3001 - Senior Social Worker
RC0715 - Senior Solid Waste Recovery Worker
RO7302 - Senior Support Services Tech
RC1581 - Senior Transfer Truck Driver
RC0302 - Senior Weatherization Specialist
RP1010 - Sergeant
RS1071 - Shelter Counselor I
RS1072 - Shelter Counselor II
RS1075 - Shelter Social Worker
RS1081 - Shelter Supervisor I
RS1082 - Shelter Supervisor II
TS9252 - Shelter Worker
TP0999 - Sheriff Cadet
RB6401 - Sheriffs Administrative Analyst
RP0310 - Sheriffs Animal Services Officer I
RP0315 - Sheriffs Animal Services Officer II
RP1030 - Sheriffs Captain
RC2040 - Sheriffs Central Services Assistant
RC2041 - Sheriffs Central Services Worker
RM1010 - Sheriffs Director Of Administrative Services
RP0725 - Sheriffs Inmate Labor Coordinator
RP0721 - Sheriffs Inmate Labor Specialist I
RP0722 - Sheriffs Inmate Labor Specialist II
RP0723 - Sheriffs Inmate Labor Specialist III
RC2054 - Sheriffs Materiel Services Coordinator
RC2051 - Sheriffs Materiel Specialist I
RC2052 - Sheriffs Materiel Specialist II
RC2053 - Sheriffs Materiel Specialist III
RM1000 - Sheriffs Records Manager
OP1590 - ShrfCoronerPublicAdministrato
9899 - SickLeaveConvrsion-DefRetiree
TS9217 - SIP Peer Educator
TS9207 - SIP Student Supervisor
TS9208 - SIP Student Supervisor
TS9207 - SIP Supervisor
RS3000 - Social Worker
RS3401 - Social Worker I
RS3402 - Social Worker II
RS3403 - Social Worker III
RS3404 - Social Worker IV
RS3410 - Social Worker Supervisor I
RS3415 - Social Worker Supervisor II
RS3405 - Social Worker V
RM0325 - Solid Waste Operations Manager
RC0720 - Solid Waste Recovery Supervisr
RC0710 - Solid Waste Recovery Worker
RC1007 - Solid Waste Site Manager
RH2151 - Special Procedures Technician I
RH2152 - Special Procedures Technician II
RC5003 - Special Systems Technician
MH7525 - Specialist Servs-Per Bd Order
RH6401 - Speech Therapist I
RH6403 - Speech Therapist III-Senior
RH6402 - Speech Therapist II-Staff
RH6405 - Speech Therapist IV-Asst Dept Mgr
RH6404 - Speech Therapist IV-Clinical Spec
RB5200 - Staff Development Coordinator
RH1121 - Staff Nurse I - Ambulatory
RH1101 - Staff Nurse I - Inpatient
RH1122 - Staff Nurse II - Ambulatory
RH1102 - Staff Nurse II - Inpatient
RH1123 - Staff Nurse III - Ambulatory
RH1103 - Staff Nurse III - Inpatient
RH1124 - Staff Nurse IV - Ambulatory
RH1104 - Staff Nurse IV - Inpatient
RH1106 - Staff Nurse V - Assistant Nursing Department Manager-Inpatient
RH1126 - Staff Nurse V- Assistant Nursing Department Manager-Ambulatory
RH1125 - Staff Nurse V -Clinical -Ambulatory
RH1105 - Staff Nurse V-Clinical-Inpatient
RH0852 - Sterile Processing Technician II
RH0851 - Sterile Processing Technician I
RH0853 - Sterile Processing Technician Supervisor
RC2000 - Stock Clerk I
RC2001 - Stock Clerk II
RC2011 - Storekeeper I
RC2012 - Storekeeper II
RC2010 - Storekeeper Trainee
RL0200 - Student Law Clerk
TH9255 - Student Nurs Asst I
TH9256 - Student Nurs Asst II
TH9257 - Student Nurs Asst III
TH9258 - Student Nurs Asst IV
RS1021 - Substance Abuse Counselor I
RS1022 - Substance Abuse Counselor II
RS1024 - Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist I
RS1025 - Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist II
RM1122 - Substance Abuse Program Manager
RS1023 - Substance Abuse Program Supervisor
RS1015 - Substance Abuse Servcies Coordinator
RS1000 - Substance Abuse Worker
TS9235 - Summer Youth I A I
TS9236 - Summer Youth I A II
TS9233 - Summer Youth P II
TS9232 - Summer Youth PA I
RS4105 - Sup Public Health Educator
RI1501 - Supervising Dept Info Systems Technician
RS2034 - Supervising Deputy Public Guardian
RB6905 - Supervising Epidemiologist
RH4205 - Supervising Public Health Microbiolgist
RH1815 - Supervising Public Health Nurse
RH5005 - Supervising Radiologic Technologist
RC5002 - Supervising TelephoneTechnician
RH0820 - Supply Distribution Technician
RO7300 - Support Services Technician I
RO7301 - Support Services Technician II
RB2010 - Tax Collection Specialist
RS0140 - Teaching & Demonstrating Homemaker
RI1030 - Telecommunications Analyst
RC5000 - Telephone Operator
TH9298 - Temporary Physicians
RH6300 - Therapist Aide
RH6510 - Therapy Services Manager
RC1003 - Traffic Foreman
RC0508 - Traffic Maintenance Worker
RC0510 - Traffic Sign Fabricator
RC0551 - Traffic Striper Operator I
RC0552 - Traffic Striper Operator II
RO4421 - Transfer Technician I
RO4422 - Transfer Technician II
RO4423 - Transfer Technician III
RO1200 - Transfer Technician Supervisor
RC1580 - Transfer Truck Driver
RC1570 - Transport Truck Driver
RC1501 - Transportation Worker
RH0230 - Trauma Registrar I
RH0240 - Trauma Registrar II
OB1690 - Treasurer-Tax Collector
RC0507 - Tree Crew Supervisor
RC0506 - Tree Crew Worker
RH5151 - Ultrasound Specialist I
RH5152 - Ultrasound Specialist II
RH5153 - Ultrasound Specialist III
RH5154 - Ultrasound Specialist IV
EP2580 - Undersheriff
RM0360 - Utility District Assistant Superintendent
RC0515 - Utility District Laboratory Technician
RC0525 - Utility District Maintenance Supervisor
RC0521 - Utility District Maintenance Worker I
RC0522 - Utility District Maintenance Worker II
RC0520 - Utility District Maintenance Worker Trainee
RM0340 - Utility District Superintendent
RB0801 - Veterans Service Representative I
RB0802 - Veterans Service Representative II
RO6021 - Victim Claims Specialist I
RO6022 - Victim Claims Specialist II
RO6023 - Victim Claims Specialist III
RS6025 - Victim Claims Supervisor
RS6001 - Victim Witness Advocate I
RS6002 - Victim Witness Advocate II
RS6003 - Victim Witness Advocate III
RS6005 - Victim Witness Advocate Supervisor
RS6040 - Victim Witness Program Manager
EC2155 - Water Resource Coordinator
RC0300 - Weatherization Program Supervisor
RC0301 - Weatherization Specialist
RA0400 - Weights & Measures Inspector I
RA0401 - Weights & Measures Inspector II
RC0420 - Welder
RL3040 - Welfare Fraud Specialist I
RL3041 - Welfare Fraud Specialist II
RO4181 - WIC Nutrition Assistant I
RO4182 - WIC Nutrition Assistant II
RP0650 - Work Program Specialist I
RP0651 - Work Program Specialist II
TS9268 - Youth Program Instructor-Art
RA0702 - Zoo & Interpretive Services Manager
TA0721 - Zoo Camp Counselor
TA0722 - Zoo Camp Teacher
RM0140 - Zoo Curator
TA0723 - Zoo Prgm & Volunteer Coord

For more info contact us via e-mail at or call (209) 468-3370.