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Practice Application

Recruitment #0000-00-10

The Position

You have the opportunity to practice filling out an on-line application. If you would like to use the data entered on the practice application, you will have the option to automatically copy the data from your practice application into a real job application.
From the Current Job Postings page, select the "real" job, review the bulletin, choose to apply on-line, and enter the system using the same UserID and Password. You will be given a list of previously filled out applications to copy data from. Select the Practice Application to copy from or select a blank application if you want to start out fresh.

Employment Process

  1. Must have modern browser
  2. Read instructions
  3. Time
  4. Patience

Knowledge of

Basic principles of internet.

Ability to

To use a keyboard and mouse.

Examples of Duties

To complete a supplemental questionnaire and application on-line. Print application and supplemental questionnaire.


If you choose to use real data on the Practice Application you may automatically copy this entire application into a real job application.

The County of Marin is an equal opportunity employer with an affirmative action plan. Reasonable accommodation for the disabled will be considered. Women, members of minority groups, persons with disabilities and Vietnam-era veterans are encouraged to apply.

Click on the link below to apply: