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IT Technician (Systems)

Recruitment #17-CO0271-01

Nature of Work

The fundamental reason this position exists is to learn and perform basic entry-level technical work involving the installation and maintenance of City and County of Montgomery IT-related systems and equipment involving three general categories: 1) systems (SW and applications), 2) networks (HW and infrastructure), and 3) telecommunications systems and equipment. Essential functions include communicating with users, installing various hardware and/or software, telecomm systems, supporting city/county-wide networks communication software, hardware components, Internet software, troubleshooting and resolving IT-related problems.  Employees in these positions are supervised closely until becoming more proficient and provide assistance into city/county IT users to ensure their systems function properly and meet their needs.  Employees are monitored closely, routinely receive hands-on guidance from higher level IT staff and report to an IT Specialists.

Minimum Qualifications

Systems:  Must have an Associate’s Degree in Computer Science (or a related field) OR at least two (2) years of experience in basic programming experience using Microsoft.NET based programming languages such as Visual Basic or C.  Qualified experience may substitute for the required education.     

NOTE:  Professional certifications in the areas of software, networking and/or telecommunications are preferred.  

Special Requirements

Must be willing to work nights or weekends as required.  Must be able to work from home using Montgomery city or county-supplied IT equipment, when on-call, must carry and respond to cell phone. Must have a valid driver’s license.  Applicants will be required to submit to a thorough background investigation prior to employment.

Kind of Examination

Applications are being accepted to fill current vacancies in the Systems functional areas and any other vacancies that may occur during the life of the register.  The current vacancies are with the Montgomery County IS Department.  Applicants will be screened and qualified based upon education and experience as shown on the application and supplemental questionnaire.  For this reason, applicants are urged to fill in the application form and supplemental questionnaire completely providing detailed information concerning the kinds of jobs they have held, the dates they held them, where and exactly what their duties were.  If more than five qualified applications are received, a selection procedure will be administered to rank applicants on the register.  Tied scores will not be broken (in accordance with Personnel Rules and Regulations, Rule VII, Section 3). If there are five or less qualified applicants, they will be considered equally qualified and placed on the register in alphabetical order.

Complete an online application by visiting Montgomery City-County Personnel's Online Employment Center. Paper applications are no longer accepted. Completed applications will be accepted online until 5:00 p.m. on the closing date. If there is no closing date, the announcement may be closed at any time without prior notice.

Additional Information

This position is open only to Montgomery County Information Systems Department employees who have completed their probationary period and meet the minimum qualifications.