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Administrative Program Manager

Recruitment #130501-UNCX-67


  DO NOT submit an application for this position to Human Capital Management!  

  To apply, please follow the directions below:

By closing time/date of the job posting, all applicants must ensure delivery of the required documentation (as specified below) to demonstrate they meet the minimum qualifications.

Proof of education, certification, or licensure: Provide copies of an official diploma or transcript in order to demonstrate possession of the expressed education from applicant’s resume or the required education for the position; provide a copy of required certification and/or licensure.

Applicants with current or previous state service submit the following:
•        a letter of interest that must include the title and PIN of the position;
•        a resume;
•        a copy of the last two completed performance evaluations (If you cannot meet this requirement, please provide an explanation with your application.); and
•        proof of education, certification, or licensure required for the position before the closing time/date.

Fax:  “Attn: Applications” at (405) 271-4994
Mail: Office of Human Resources
        Oklahoma State Department of Health
        1000 NE 10th St
        Oklahoma City, OK 73117

Applicants with no prior state service submit the following:
•         a letter of interest that must include the title and PIN of the position;
•         a resume; and
•         proof of education, certification, or licensure required for the position.

Fax: “Attn: Applications” at (405) 271-4994
Mail: Office of Human Resources
        Oklahoma State Department of Health
        1000 NE 10th St
        Oklahoma City, OK 73117

Effective January 1, 2011 new employees to the Oklahoma State Department of Health will be placed on a bi-weekly payroll system.

Reference PIN #34001427 - Regional Health Consultant
(Administrative Program Manager, Violence Prevention Programs)

The bi-weekly hiring rate established for this position is $2,443.38.

This position will serve as the Director of Violence Prevention Programs and will report to the Injury Prevention Service Chief. The person in this position will serve as the Project Director for the National Violent Death Reporting System (NVDRS) and the Rape Prevention and Education (RPE) grants. The position requires experience in both surveillance and programs. The primary responsibilities of the position are to provide oversight for grant-related activities including but not limited to supervision of professional and data entry personnel; preparation of data reports, publications, and grant reports; development of sexual assault prevention programs and evaluation activities; maintaining timely violent death surveillance, data quality, and data analyses; securing and maintaining memoranda of understanding with data partners; and providing consultation and collaboration with internal and external stakeholders in violence prevention. 

Duties include, but are not limited to:

Consultation and Collaboration:
•        Maintain working relationships with data partners including the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, Oklahoma State Department of Health Vital Statistics, and others.
•        Ensure that contracts and data use agreements are maintained. 
•        Serve on Boards and committees as required including the Oklahoma Domestic Violence Fatality Review Board and the Oklahoma Prevention Committee for sexual and domestic violence prevention.
•        Hold monthly meetings with state-level Rape Prevention Education (RPE) staff including IPS staff and Oklahoma Coalition Against Domestic Violence contracted personnel.
•        Fulfill data requests and provide data and information to stakeholders and the public.
•        Provide consultation on violence and injury prevention data to researchers and data users.
•        Participate in National Violent Death Reporting System multi-state reports, research, and initiatives.
•        Participate in monthly conference calls and technical assistance calls with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for the National Violent Death Reporting System and the Rape Prevention Education Program.

Planning and Organizing: 
•        Serve as Project Director on two federal cooperative agreements (National Violent Death Reporting System and Rape Prevention Education and the Sexual Assault Prevention portion of the Preventative Health and Health Services Block Grant.) 
•        Define goals, objectives, and action plans for grant projects. Establish timelines for accomplishment of goals and objectives, assign work to staff and evaluate progress, oversee the execution of action plans and review on a regular basis. 
•        Review and evaluate integrated activities of the sexual assault prevention program including the contracted the Oklahoma Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault statewide prevention coordinator, Injury Prevention Service program personnel, and the Prevention Committee.
•        Work with the Rape Prevention Education Coordinator to evaluate contracted community-based sexual assault prevention programs.
•        Participate in planning and development of workshops, training, and materials for Injury Prevention Service programs.
•        Work with the Chief of the Injury Prevention Service and other Injury Prevention Service personnel on developing and implementing programs, surveillance activities, and policy development as needed. 

Data and Surveillance:
•        Monitor the Oklahoma Violent Death Reporting System data collection of medical examiner reports, Vital Statistics death data, and law enforcement reports from the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation. Assist the epidemiologist in conducting data quality assurance, maintaining procedures, developing SAS programs, and managing and analyzing the data. Assist with performing cross checks of databases for complete case ascertainment. Finalize the database annually for data analysis. Provide guidance and conduct data analysis using MS Access and SAS procedures.
•        Evaluate the surveillance system using CDC guidance for evaluating a public health surveillance system.
•        Participate in CDC-NVDRS activities and attend annual grantee meetings and trainings.
•        Assist with training epidemiologists and student assistants on NVDRS methods and coding.
•        Implement conversion of the National Violent Death Reporting system to a web-based system through 2013; develop new procedures for data entry, retrieval, and linkage to personal identifying information. 
•        Utilize data and conduct data analysis of injury surveillance databases and online data sources including National Center for Health Statistics data (WISQARS), CDC Wonder, Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, Youth Risk Behavior Survey, traffic crash data and other health and safety data. Obtain population and demographic data from online sources for rate calculations and tables. Collect and organize sexual assault prevalence data from published sources.
•        Design and conduct special studies, develop data collection methods and tools.

Reporting and Communication:
•        Provide guidance/prepare/review and disseminate comprehensive data reports and brief special topic reports on violent deaths. Prepare and send quarterly data collection updates to violent death reporting system data contributors.
•        Review other Injury Prevention Service reports, prepare/review press releases, and respond to all media calls for injury prevention as assigned by the Chief of the Injury Prevention Service.
•        Review/prepare publications and manuscripts, abstracts and presentations for professional meetings and conferences. Prepare classroom lectures on violence and injury topics as requested.
•        Prepare grant reports, continuations, and annual reports.

Program and Policy Development:
•        Review requests for proposals, contracts, invoices and invitations to bid.
•        Maintain contracts and data use agreements with data contributors.
•        Identify and develop program evaluation measures/indicators and methodologies for the sexual assault prevention program and other Injury Prevention Service programs.
•        Prepare fiscal impact reports for legislative requests. Review bills impacting injury and violence in Oklahoma. Provide consultation to partners on drafted bills and recommendations for policy development.
•        Serve as Injury Prevention Service representative to the Oklahoma Health Improvement Plan Child Health Flagship Committee, attend quarterly meetings, and prepare quarterly status updates.

Administration, Staffing and Budget:
•        Supervise professional staff. Determine appropriate staff levels for supervised grant programs. Develop job descriptions, job performance measures and conduct performance evaluations for supervised staff, annually and semi-annually. Promote compliance with agency rules and procedures.
•        Prepare paperwork for hiring and refilling positions. Review applications, assemble interview panels, score and assess applicants according to agency procedures. 
•        Prepare budgets for grants, review expenditure reports, review and approve invoices, review and approve expenditures.
Education and Work Experience:
Requirements for this position are a master’s degree in Epidemiology or related field and three years experience in the use of epidemiological methods, investigation, and data analysis, or a doctorate in epidemiology or related field and one year of qualifying experience. Other preferred requirements include two or more years experience in federal grants management; grant budgeting, staff supervision, and program implementation.

Knowledge Skills and Abilities:
Knowledge of the public health approach and principles of epidemiology are required, as well as knowledge of administration of public health programs; principles of management and evaluation of public health.  Knowledge of injury and/or violence prevention principles are desired.  Ability to manipulate large databases and conduct data analysis;  assess, plan, coordinate, implement, and evaluate programs using data; monitor the activities of multiple work units; supervise, organize, instruct, and mentor staff is required.
Position requires possible response to public health emergencies including, but not limited to, natural disasters, disease outbreaks, or catastrophic events.  The Oklahoma State Department of Health is tobacco free.  Employees are prohibited from using tobacco products throughout all indoor and outdoor areas of premises under the control of the Oklahoma State Department of Health, in all vehicles on those premises, and in state vehicles in use for OSDH business anywhere.  Applicants may be subject to a background check.

Title 74, 840-5.5. (A)(4) - Persons employed with one-time, limited duration, federal or other grant funding that is not continuing or indefinitely renewable.  The length of the unclassified employment shall not exceed the period of time for which that specific federal funding is provided.


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