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Building Inspector II/Building Inspector III
Recruitment #0713PM-01602-01

DATE OPENED:     7/24/2013 3:00:00 PM
JOB TYPE:      Open
FILING DEADLINE:     8/14/2013 11:59:00 PM
SALARY:     B.I. II-$4,550.00 - $5,531.07/month B.I. III-$5,033.60 - $6,116.93/month
DEPARTMENT:     Planning & Building

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Please note: it is anticipated that the successful candidate will be hired at Step 1 of the salary range.  Depending on experience and qualifications, placement may be made at Step 2 or Step 3 of the five-step salary range.  Employees generally ascend to a higher step after performing successfully at their current step for one year. Please visit the following link for additional information:

Conditional employment offers are based on successful completion of any pre-appointment background investigation, drug testing, and medical/psychological evaluation.

This recruitment requires the completion of a supplemental questionnaire.  You must submit your response to the supplemental questions with your application.

ABOUT THE POSITION:  Classes in this series inspect buildings and other facilities under construction, alteration or repair; make a variety of site inspections; enforce compliance with County Housing and Building, Land Use, and other applicable regulations; issue building permits and correction notices; perform plan review; do other related work as required.

The ideal candidate will have full knowledge of state and local building codes.  Inspectors visually inspect buildings and structures of all occupancy groups and construction types being constructed, altered, relocated or repaired for compliance with State and County codes and ordinances; perform a variety of combination inspections including building plumbing, electrical, mechanical, fire; review plans and specifications for code compliance; and issue permits for construction of improvements in accordance with current code requirements.

The ideal candidate will possess:

•    Considerable knowledge of State and County codes and ordinances
•    Ability to learn and apply specific County ordinances
•    Ability to recognize construction which deviates from plans
•    Excellent customer service skills in field and office

Building Inspector II: This is the fully qualified journey worker level in the series. Incumbents, under general supervision, independently perform a full range of inspections in all program areas and types of construction; assist in training and supervising the work of subordinate inspectors and support personnel.

Building Inspector III: This is the lead worker/specialist level in the Building Inspector Series. Incumbents, under direction, independently perform inspections on all types and sizes of building projects and, in addition, have thorough expertise in all basic inspection areas: electrical, plumbing, mechanical, grading, accessibility; assisting the training and orientation of subordinate inspectors and support staff; act as consultant in specialty areas.

TYPICAL TASKS:  Inspects residential, commercial, public and industrial buildings and structures as assigned; issues stop work orders, denies permit, or issues a correction notice when construction, structural features or site characteristics do not comply with applicable regulations, or threatens the health and safety of occupants; field inspections are performed on new construction, additions, remodels and abatement of sub-standard or dangerous conditions and include mobile home inspections; inspection items include but are not limited to: parking and setback requirements, soil and footing suitability, drainage, form and foundation work, framing, insulation, structural, plumbing, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, electrical, flooring, roofing, lathing, plastering, masonry and mechanical work; inspects sewage disposal systems; inspects potable water systems; inspects swimming pools; inspects buildings that are moved; makes inspections during all phases of construction and reviews a certificate of occupancy; makes inspections in the enforcement of zoning, grading and landscaping requirements; accepts and processes building permits; reviews construction plans for compliance with technical codes and land use requirements; assists applicants at the counter and over the phone concerning code requirements; keeps records and makes a variety of written and oral reports as required; may testify at hearings


Knowledge of: (All Levels)

Uniform building code, plumbing, mechanical, and electrical codes; methods, materials and equipment utilized in a variety of building construction; blueprints and design specifications utilized in building construction; basic construction mathematics.

Building Inspector II: All of the above, and in addition: Proper inspection techniques and procedures; policies and procedures of building permit processing; handicapped accessibility requirements; County Housing, Building and Land Use Ordinances.

Building Inspector III: All of the above, plus: Thorough knowledge of all inspection areas: building, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, grading, accessibility.

Ability to:

Building Inspector II: Read, learn and apply technical information found in building codes and related regulations; meet and deal with the public tactfully and courteously; read and interpret building plans and specifications; learn to detect code violations and report them; make basic structural calculations; administer enforcement sections of building codes in a tactful, firm and impartial manner; keep accurate records and write concise reports; be physically capable of safely moving about on construction sites; independently make inspections in all types of construction; train and orient junior inspectors and support staff.

Building Inspector III:  All of the above, plus: Expertise in all inspection areas.


Building Inspector II: Either A: One year of experience as a Building Inspector I or an equivalent position; Or B: Three years of experience utilizing the uniform construction codes in the construction and building trades.

Building Inspector III: Two years of experience as a Building Inspector or an equivalent position.

LICENSES/CERTIFICATES:  A valid driver license may be required at the time of application.  When a driver license is a condition of employment, a valid CALIFORNIA driver license is required at the time of appointment and must be maintained throughout employment.

IN ADDITION:  This class specification generally describes the duties and responsibilities characteristic of the position(s) within this class. Duties of a particular position within a multi-position class may vary from the duties of other positions within the class. Accordingly, the essential functions of a particular position (whether it be a multi-position class or a single-position class) will be identified and used by medical examiners and hiring authorities in the selection process. If you have questions regarding the duties or the working conditions of the position, please contact the Human Resources Department.

NOTIFICATION:  Applicants will be notified 2-4 weeks after the final filing deadline. However, some recruitments may take less or more time depending on the type of exam and number of applicants. Notifications will be posted on-line on the Applicant Status Board for each phase of the recruitment process and will be sent by US mail and/or email.  Therefore, notify the Human Resources Department of any mailing or email address changes for all applications submitted.

SELECTION PROCESS:  The examination process will include a competitive examination consisting of an evaluation of job-related education and experience through one of the following methods of testing:  A) competitive application rating, based solely on application information presented OR B) oral board rating as determined by an interview panel OR C) application screening and an oral board rating OR D) any combination thereof.  In any case, the evaluation will be weighted 100% in determining a candidate’s placement on the eligible list.  Applicants are urged to submit sufficiently detailed information in their application materials for proper qualification evaluation.   The hiring department will be provided a list of the top nine ranks of eligible candidates and one additional rank for each vacancy. The hiring department may hire any of the candidates certified to the department.  Veterans and disabled veterans preference points will be assigned when applicable. Please note: any part of this selection process may be waived or changed as deemed appropriate by the Human Resources Department at any point during the recruitment. Eligible lists may be used to fill regular, limited term or temporary positions.

PENSION BENEFIT INFORMATION:  Effective January 1, 2013 the Public Employees' Pension Reform Act of 2013 (PEPRA or AB340), makes substantial changes to public employee pension plans. PEPRA impacts the pension benefits of current employees (employees hired on or before 12/31/12) and all future hires (those hired on or after 1/1/13).  Please refer to our website for additional information including summary of impacts and FAQs at:

Should you have additional questions, please contact Human Resources staff at 805.781.5959 or .  Note:  Those employees with reciprocity who are returning or entering into SLO County employment within a 6 month break in service, may be eligible to enter into the SLO County pension plan that was in existence for new hires as of December 31, 2012 for that bargaining unit.  Contact Pension Trust (805.781.5465 or for specific questions related to reciprocity.   All other questions should be directed to HR.

OTHER PROVISIONS:  New employees are required to complete an INS Employment Eligibility Verification form to certify citizenship or legal residency and authorization to work. Essential functions of a job for purposes of the Americans with Disabilities Act will be determined prior to the filling of each vacant position. A REASONABLE EFFORT WILL BE MADE TO ACCOMMODATE THE NEEDS OF THE DISABLED AND THE RELIGIOUS NEEDS OF AN APPLICANT. IF YOU REQUIRE SPECIAL ARRANGEMENTS TO PARTICIPATE IN THE RECRUITMENT PROCESS, YOU MUST INFORM THE COUNTY HUMAN RESOURCES DEPARTMENT IN WRITING OF THE TYPE AND EXTENT OF ACCOMMODATION NO LATER THAN THE FINAL FILING DEADLINE.