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San Luis Obispo County, California


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Recruitment #0712PM-00417-01

DATE OPENED:     7/5/2012 3:00:00 PM
JOB TYPE:      Open
FILING DEADLINE:     7/23/2012 11:59:00 PM
SALARY:     $30.26 - $36.78/hour
City of San Luis Obispo
DEPARTMENT:     County Medical Services

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Conditional employment offers are based on successful completion of any pre-appointment background investigation, drug testing, and medical/psychological evaluation.

ABOUT THE POSITIONClasses in this series provide comprehensive public health nursing services to the community. The current vacancy is a half-time position (20 hours/week) providing Public Health nursing through County Medical Services Program (CMSP). This program provides access to quality health care by working with our community partners to facilitate medically necessary care of the Countyís indigent and low-income populations as mandated by Welfare and Institutions Code 17000. The average CMSP caseload is approximately 800 patients per month.

The Public Health Nurse selected for this position will provide utilization review of our clients.  In addition, the incumbent will monitor inpatient hospital stays and provide authorizations for specialty care when appropriate.  This position does not provide direct patient care.

The ideal candidate will have 5 years of recent hospital experience including some case management experience.  Knowledge of InterQual patient management and excellent computer skills is a plus.

TYPICAL TASKSTelephone consultations, case management, and authorizations of specialist care for clients, counseling, outreach, andeducation of medically indigent, ill, and high risk adults in the County of San Luis Obispo.Help participate and coordinate with area health providers and agencies.Obtain medical records and records data and notes regarding clients. Often confers w/ other medical personnel and Department of Social Service (DSS) offices helping to guide the clients to the correct agency that can aid them. Help prepare letters to assist in expediting MediCal for clients with urgent medical needs. Act as a goodwill representative of CMSP in the community.Medical review of necessity of emergency rooms visits and authorizing specialty care services to the clients. Monitoring inpatient hospital stays and determines acutely level to best utilize CMSP resources and funds.

DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS: Works within the constraints of the county budget guidelines. Applies broad base of medical knowledge required to assist in the Utilization Review process for patient care. Familiar with community resources to ensure appropriate referrals to medical providers and clients. Understands community needs and ensures access to necessary medical care consistent with San Luis Obispo County Public Healthís policies and Mission Statement. Orients nursing staff and collaborates with coworkers and department heads. Works in cooperation with the County Medical Director to ensure adherence to program policies and procedures. Implements InterQual care planning criteria during the utilization review process in both the acute and outpatient setting. Monitors MediCal pending clientsí status in order to attempt to recoup CSMP monies from the State or Federal agencies when applicable. Applies full knowledge and nursing skills in a respectful and compassionate manner while performing within the scope of a public health nurseís practice.

THE REQUIREMENTS:   Under general supervision, incumbents apply the requisite knowledge, skills and abilities in performing the full scope of public health nursing duties.  This is the entry level for fully qualified Public Health Nurses.

Knowledge of:  Principles and practices of nursing and public health nursing including health maintenance and disease prevention; the effects of physical, social, and emotional factors on health; principles and techniques of teaching, counseling, interviewing, and history taking; resources available through other health and welfare agencies; integration and linkages between community agencies.

Ability to:  Exercise independent judgment and plan, organize, and  administer safe and effective public health nursing care; work effectively with individuals and families to assist them in the satisfactory solution of health problems; recognize and respect the impact of cultural, ethnic, and linguistic differences on health care practices; act as a liaison with other agencies to coordinate care of clients; maintain effective working relationships.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS:  Bachelorís of Science degree in Nursing from an accredited college or university.In Addition:Possession of a valid California Public Health Nurse Certificate and possession of a valid California license to practice as a Registered Nurse is required at time of application and must be maintained throughout employment.  A license in probationary status is a disqualification.

Possession of a valid driverís license may be required at the time of application.  Possession of a valid CALIFORNIA driverís license may be required at the time of appointment and, if required, must be maintained throughout employment. 

NOTE:  any of the above required certificates or licenses are required at the time of application and must be maintained throughout employment.

IN ADDITION: This class specification generally describes the duties and responsibilities characteristic of the position(s) within this class. Duties of a particular position within a multi-position class may vary from the duties of other positions within the class. Accordingly, the essential functions of a particular position (whether it be a multi-position class or a single-position class) will be identified and used by medical examiners and hiring authorities in the selection process. If you have questions regarding the duties or the working conditions of the position, please contact the Human Resources Department.

AGENCY SHOP: Employees hired into the Public Services, Supervisory and Clerical bargaining units represented by SLOCEA labor contracts are covered by Agency Shop provisions which require that new employees become SLOCEA dues paying members or pay an agency shop service fee in lieu of dues.

NOTIFICATION: Applicants will be notified 2-4 weeks after the final filing deadline. However, some recruitments may take less or more time depending on the type of exam and number of applicants. Notifications will be posted on-line on the Applicant Status Board for each phase of the recruitment process and will be sent by US mail and/or email.  Therefore, notify the Human Resources Department of any mailing or email address changes for all applications submitted.

SELECTION PROCESS: The examination process will include a competitive examination consisting of an evaluation of job-related education and experience through one of the following methods of testing:  A) competitive application rating, based solely on application information presented OR B) oral board rating as determined by an interview panel OR C) application screening and an oral board rating OR D) any combination thereof.  In any case, the evaluation will be weighted 100% in determining a candidateís placement on the eligible list.  Applicants are urged to submit sufficiently detailed information in their application materials for proper qualification evaluation.   The hiring department will be provided a list of the top nine ranks of eligible candidates and one additional rank for each vacancy. The hiring department may hire any of the candidates certified to the department.  Veterans and disabled veterans preference points will be assigned when applicable. Please note: any part of this selection process may be waived or changed as deemed appropriate by the Human Resources Department at any point during the recruitment. Eligible lists may be used to fill regular, limited term or temporary positions.

New employees are required to complete an INS Employment Eligibility Verification form to certify citizenship or legal residency and authorization to work. Essential functions of a job for purposes of the Americans with Disabilities Act will be determined prior to the filling of each vacant position. A reasonable effort will be made to accommodate the needs of the disabled and the religious needs of an applicant. If you require special arrangements to participate in the recruitment process, you must inform the County Human Resources Department in writing of the type and extent of accommodation no later than the final filing deadline.