San Luis Obispo County Human Resources Department


$18.49-$22.47 hourly / $3,204.93-$3,894.80 monthly / $38,459.20-$46,737.60 Yearly


Under general supervision, performs a variety of clerical and technical duties in the booking, processing and monitoring of detainees in support of Correctional Officers or Juvenile Services Officers and does other related work as required. Incumbents may be assigned to reception, booking, control rooms or other areas of the County Jail or Juvenile Services Center, but do not have physical contact with detainees.

(Not in order of importance)

  • Confirms personal and criminal history information of detainees; completes booking records; keeps detainee body count statistics; maintains records of release dates.
  • Operates computer systems and utilizes law enforcement data bases to access and record information on previous arrests, outstanding warrants, court dates, and the status of detainees.
  • Secures and stores personal belongings of detainees; may receive and receipt money collected from and/or deposited for detainees, maintains accurate accounting of detainee’s funds and property.
  • Coordinates appropriate paperwork associated with court appearances and release dates; responds to inquiries from staff, courts, and public regarding the status of detainees.
  • Assists in the orientation and training of staff.
  • May collect and record cash bail and bail bonds received for the release of detainees.
  • Assists in maintaining the security of assigned areas; monitors the movement and activity of detainees, staff and visitors through direct visual contact, and audio/video monitoring systems; notifies appropriate personnel in emergency situations.


Knowledge of:

  • Computer terminals and common business software
  • Record keeping methods and procedures
  • Correct English usage, spelling, grammar and punctuation
  • Procedures used in maintaining security of a detention facility
  • Basic mathematical skills and cash handling procedures
  • Proper telephone procedures and etiquette

Ability to:

  • Effectively deal with irate individuals in difficult situations
  • Identify potentially dangerous situations and react quickly and calmly in emergency situations
  • Perform several tasks simultaneously amid noise and interruption
  • Maintain accurate records
  • Establish and maintain positive and effective working relationships with staff, public, and outside agencies
  • Operate a computer and assigned office equipment
  • Type at a speed of 35 net wpm
  • Communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing with staff, public, elected officials, and outside agencies
  • Foster a spirit of team work and interact professionally and courteously with public and County staff
  • Perform basic mathematic calculations
  • Understand court paperwork and legal documents

Graduation from high school or a GED certificate. In addition: two years of experience as an Administrative Assistant II or equivalent is required.

Certain positions within the classification may require driving. When driving is an essential function of the position, a valid CALIFORNIA driver’s license will be required at the time of appointment and must be maintained throughout employment.

May be required to work varying and/or rotating shifts, weekends and holidays.

Age: All applicants must be 18 years of age or older with the following exception: Persons 17 years of age, but less than 18, may apply but may not be appointed until they reach 18 years of age. Proof of minimum age requirements may be required.
: Good moral character as determined by a thorough background investigation, which may include, a psychological exam and/or Computer Voices Stress Analysis (CVSA). No conviction by any State, the Federal Government or a foreign government of a crime which could have been punishable by imprisonment in a Federal Penitentiary or a State prison.
: All applicants must be United States citizens or permanent resident aliens who are eligible for and have applied for citizenship at least one year before application for employment. Written proof of the foregoing will be required.

Recruitment for Correctional Technician positions will be conducted and maintained for each department.

This class specification generally describes the duties and responsibilities characteristic of the position(s) within this class. The duties of a particular position within a multi-position class may vary from the duties of other positions within the class. Accordingly, the essential duties of a particular position (whether it be a multi-position class or a single-position class) will be identified and used by medical examiners and hiring authorities in the selection process. If you have any questions regarding the duties or the working conditions of the position, please contact the Human Resources Department at (805) 781-5959.

Adopted: 3-28-90
Revised: 12-16-98
Revised: 08-08-07